DreamHost supports over 1.5 million sites and uses open-source technology, which was a key issue for the four founders of DreamHost.

One of the things that set Dreamhost apart from other hosting sites is that it offers the best month-to-month hosting options and pricing plans. You can get hosting without any commitment for a fraction of the cost of others. We talk half-heartedly sometimes.

It’s hard to deny that DreamHost offers the most affordable hosting on the market today.


Compare DreamHost to The Best Web Hosting

We have conducted extensive research to find the best web hosting services on the market today. Our results from that study were put together to share with you: our guide to the best web hosting services. The guide explains all top-rated web hosting services. So you can compare and contrast and decide which is best for you.

Dreamhost is number three on our list. The number one place goes to hostinger, thanks to which is the most affordable web hosting service for long-term use. We recommend it for your average user. The number two spot goes to A2 Hosting, which has achieved the top spot due to its speed. It has the fastest web hosting speed in the market. It also offers great one-click installation, which, if you are a beginner, is a lifesaver.

Dreamhost made it to number three on our top list for a variety of reasons, which we shared below.

The Pros And The Cons


Dreamhost is one of our top picks for web hosting services, and there are many reasons for this. However, there are some things about this option that we don’t like. Here are the pros and cons things about DreamHost that will help you decide if this is the right service for you.

The Pros:

Affordable: Perhaps our favorite thing about Dreamhost is that it is the most affordable web hosting service when choosing a month-to-month plan. The monthly billing option means you can cancel at any time without any additional fees. And the monthly plan does not detract from the features – it provides the same as the annual plans. The monthly billing option is ideal for those who either can’t afford to pay for an annual plan or who aren’t sure how long it will take to get a functional website.

In short, the affordability of monthly options offers flexibility that many other web hosting services offer and this may be the right thing for you.

Uptime: Uptime plays a vital role in the web hosting experience. You never want your site to go away, but you want the recovery time to be faster if it is. This is bad if people can’t find your site because of this. Many tests have been performed to test the stability of DreamHost. And with all the tests, back with results. That shows DreamHost is a stable and reliable service that rarely goes down during testing. At one point in the thousands of different tests, it might have gone down.

Dreamhost is so confident about its uptime that it has a 100% uptime guarantee. Dreamhost is the only shared hosting service that offers a higher guarantee. And if you find that your site has ever been down, Dreamhost will reimburse you for the amount of time your site has not been down. Now, this is a guarantee we can get back.

Money-Back Guarantee: Speaking of guarantees, DreamHost has another great way to share with users. This service comes with a 97-day money-back guarantee, something that almost no other web hosting service can offer. Your 97-day trial is completely risk-free, and if you’re not happy with the service, you’ll get your money back. And, as mentioned above, if you are not happy with the uptime, you may be compensated.

However, please note that this refund guarantee only applies to shared hosting plans and those who have purchased their hosting with a credit card or Google Checkout.

Security: While Dreamhost does not offer anti-malware services in its emails, it does do much right in terms of security. One of these things is that the control panel makes it easy for you to access and edit the .htaccess file, where you can access the site and set up a password. This is something you want to have easy access to.

Also, DreamHost offers the ability to block spiders for parts of your website that you don’t need or want to be indexed by search engines. And what we really like is that DreamHost offers free SSL certificates, which provide an extra (and, in our opinion, necessary) level of security for those who sell products online or who collect any kind of personal information from clients or customers.

If that’s not enough, there’s more. DreamHost offers SSH and SFTP access and supports HTTP / 2, PHP 7, and has its own firewall.

Domain Names: With the purchase of an annual plan (or a longer one) you get a free domain name registration. This makes it easy to do in one place. However, remember that the free domain is only for the first year. Every year thereafter, a .com domain costs $15.95 per year.

You can choose from the most popular domain names there: .com, .net., .Blog, .shop, .org, .info, and more.

Easy to Use: DreamHost’s dashboard is a favorite of many. It was modern and clean and the design was made to be user-friendly.


Here you can access everything you need for your hosting. Unlike other managed WordPress hosts, DreamHost does not use cPanel software. Instead, they’ve created a custom control panel for everything associated with your account.

Unlimited Bandwidth: All DreamHost accounts get free unlimited bandwidth and many storages. If you would like unlimited storage, you’ll upgrade to at least one of the upper plans. The shared starter plan limits your storage to 50 GB, and unlimited, well, unlimited. However, keep in mind that there is a fair use policy that prevents you from creating file-sharing sites.

The Cons:
Few Server Locations: Only Dreamhost’s data centers are in Virginia and Oregon. It is lighter than Dreamhost competitors such as SiteGround and A2 Hosting. While Dreamhost does not have a server outside the United States, it is not a viable option for users in other parts of the world.

Email Account Not Part of Starter Plan: For a shared starter plan, you need to pay separately for the email account. Although they are affordable (as low as $1.67 / month), it is unfortunate that you have to pay extra for something that is already included with other hosting service plans, such as Bluehost.

Support: While email and ticket support are excellent for DreamHost, not phone support. In fact, phone support for DreamHost does not exist. If you do not pay the company to call, they are more than willing to help you.

If you’re looking for free help with your web hosting, you can use live chat, an active forum, or take advantage of their support via Twitter.

More Complex Installs: While many other web hosting services make things easier and help you set up everything with just one click, DreamHost doesn’t. The service provides automatic installation for only a few CMS (including WordPress). If you want to use another CMS in the list, you will have a more complex installation.

DreamHost Pricing and Options

DreamHost Pricing

To better understand if DreamHost is right for you, it’s important to know the different prices and packages. There are different package options and different products that you can get at different prices through DreamHost.


DreamHost Shared Hosting

A shared hosting plan is the cheapest way to host your website with DreamHost. This package starts from $2.59 / month to host a website if you opt for a three-year contract. Otherwise, you see an annual bill of $3.95 / month or a monthly bill of $4.95.

dreamhost-shared hosting

Sharing options include Starter and Unlimited The starter is great for those of you who are probably new to the website. With this plan, you will get:

  • One website
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • WP Website Builder
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Email for as little as $1.67/month

With the Unlimited option, you get:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • WP Website Builder
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited email at your domain

Both of these are great places to start, but if you start getting more than 200,000 visitors a month, you’ll want to upgrade your plan.

DreamHost VPS Hosting

The best way to describe a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a shared hosting server that is then split into smaller servers, giving you more power to meet your specific needs. Choosing a VPS hosting plan means that your website will be hosted separately from other people using DreamHost.


Above all, you will find this price plan. The VPS plan is suitable for those who have a large business or are using e-commerce as part of their work.

The general VPS plan with Dreamhost has several levels: VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional, and VPS Enterprise. These are meant for different types of websites that will be used for different things.


The prices listed above for these VPS hosting services are shown when you pay for a three-year price service. VPS Basic starts from $13.75 / month for annual billing, and VPS Enterprise starts from $110 / month. For monthly billing, VPS Basic starts from $15 / month and VPS Enterprise starts from $120 / per month.

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting


If you are a big business or you get a lot of traffic to your site then you might want to consider getting a dedicated server. This means that you have a server of your own that will not run the risk of getting stuck by others. DreamHost can handle this server completely for you, but it is the most expensive type of hosting. Under the Dedicated section, there are two options with DreamHost.

The standard plan includes 4GB RAM and 1TB storage. This plan will refund $149 / month on the annual bill and $169 / month on the monthly bill.

The advanced plan has 16 GB RAM and 2 TB storage. The cost of this plan is a $279 / month annual bill or a $299 / month monthly bill.

Both standard and enterprise plans have different levels that provide different amounts of RAM and storage.


DreamHost Cloud Hosting


DreamHost also offers cloud hosting called DreamCloud. This method of hosting spreads your resources across multiple servers instead of the traditional single-server method.

DreamHost offers three different plan options in its cloud hosting. They start at $4.50 / month and come with 512 MB RAM, 80 GB storage, and unlimited monthly data transfer. And they go up to $48 / month, where you get 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB storage, and unlimited monthly data transfer.

DreamHost Domain Names


Dreamhost makes things easier by allowing you to purchase your domain through its website. Simply search for something you are interested in on the website and if it is available it may be yours for 6.99 per year. This includes free personal registration. When you purchase your domain through DreamHost, you will receive:

  • Free private registration
  • Free subdomains
  • Easy domain transfers
  • Simple domain management
  • And more

DreamHost Website Builder

If the idea of creating your own website makes you feel overwhelmed, you may want to consider moving to Dreamhost’s Website Builder.

This product makes creating a website much less intimidating and much more straightforward. WP Website Builder comes with a variety of themes to choose from and drag-and-drop features that make things so much easier when creating your own website.

Comparing The Best Web Hosting

There are many benefits to using Dreamhost, but if you want to see what else is out there and what best suits your specific needs, check out our picks for the best web hosting services.

  • Hostinger – Best web hosting for most users
  • SiteGround – Best for keeping uptime above 99.99%
  • HostGator – Best for scaling your small business easily
  • Bluehost – Best drag-and-drop page builder for beginners
  • InMotion Hosting – Best price for hosting two websites on one plan
  • Nexcess – Best for experienced WordPress users
  • A2 Hosting – Most dependable web hosting for European and Asian audiences

Overall, DreamHost is a great service for your web hosting. There are lots of different plans to choose from that offer lots of features. For those interested in month-to-month planning, the price is so good that our book is a huge win. This is ideal for anyone looking to host a website, be it a small business or a large company. Tools, website-building software, security, refunds, domains, and more make this one of our top choices. More hosting review…


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